First blog post

Blog post #1

11 January 2017

Every year I write lists, save photos in my phone, and tell myself that I’m going to do these things that I’ve seen or written down WHEN NEXT YEAR BEGINS.

Well, 2017 is here and for the first time I’m actually ticking things off those lists, and deleting those photos I’ve saved in my phone because I’ve used them, and one of those things that I wanted to do was START A BLOG.

I’m not the best writer, but I need a place to vent, and post all of my ideas, and share them with you! I hope that in my writings and my posts, that people will relate to them, and not feel alone or like something is wrong with them, because everyone has their weird little quirks, but that’s what makes us individual and special! I also suffer from severe depression, but I’m reaching out to others and talking about it because I don’t want to feel alone, and I don’t want anyone else to feel alone!

So welcome to my blog. Love it, hate it, that’s up to you, all I ask if for good vibes only πŸ™‚

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.


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